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How to book sensual massage in New York Posted on March 07th, 2020

Do you feel exhausted? Or is your body in pain but you don’t want to go to a classical therapeutic massage? Then you should definitely book a sensual massage in New York via our service.

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Gay Masseurs: How to verify and screen before booking? Posted on January 12th, 2021

Are you currently suffering from emotional exhaustion and cannot get your thoughts together? Perhaps, you just need to relax in a pleasant ambiance and spend some time on your precious self. And what is a more relaxing way than a sensual m4m massage...

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Nuru massage boom in gay massage community Posted on January 04th, 2020

Nuru massage is a highly pleasurable, thrilling experience, yet extremely intoxicating (especially, if delivered by a professional m4m masseur) – once tried, Nuru massage becomes the most desired body treatment with no chances to goin...

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5 easy steps to book your first gay massage  Posted on January 06th, 2020

When your body is burning with ache and your tensed muscles give a hard time, applying for m4m massages seems a very reasonable idea. But if you have never made an appointment with an m4m masseur&...

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The essence of Sports m4m massage  Posted on February 14th, 2020

Sports m4m massage is a technique of tactile manipulations targeted at muscles and joints. Sports male massage is great for people leading an active lifestyle and having great physical loads. Unlike therapeutic massage, the Sports one gener...

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Hot Masseur Posted on July 25th, 2018

Define your relaxation with gay m4m massage experience... Hot Masseur dot com ... Perfect choice to book quality relaxation. Choose from thousands gay friendly bodyworkers absolutely for free. Real time updates. See hot masseurs that available right now. Br...

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Gay massage. Try for free? Posted on July 25th, 2018

Hot Masseur is the perfect gay bodywork directory to book an amazing m4m massage. Choose from available gay friendly therapists in your city. Check their pictures, read reviews, and book your session for f...

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Gay massage. Book today? Posted on July 25th, 2018

Every person at one point or another need to release the tension. Some guys prefer to book massages at spa without knowing the masseur, some prefer to choose a male masseur in advance. On you can easil...

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BE IN CONTROL Posted on July 25th, 2018

Have you ever been overwhelmed running your own massage business? Have you been frustrated asking yourself WHERE ARE THE CALLS??? I certainly had these experiences in my successful career as a gay massage therapist.


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The Notion of Massaging Oils Posted on April 04th, 2019

Whether you are a massage therapist or providing yourself with an in-home massage, massaging oils certainly permit the gliding of hands on the skin without any friction. Over and above that, becoming familiar with oils is seemingly daunting, as there is a b...

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Find Your Perfect Masseur With These 5 Criteria Posted on October 05th, 2021

You have probably felt at least once some emotional exhaustion or have been in a state where your own thoughts do not come together. Each of us has had similar situations, and a male massage session in Austin is the best way out of them.

Why massage...

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Male Massage in New York and How It Affects Your Body and Mind Posted on October 03rd, 2021

Male massage has a significant impact on your body and, consequently, on your state of health. That is why massage therapists must have the appropriate education and all necessary licenses.

If you book a Read more »

Find Your Best Way to Relieve Stress With Your Type of Massage Posted on September 29th, 2021

Male massage sessions in Detroit are a fantastic way to revitalize the body, soothe the mind, and achieve an improvement in appearance. The effect of gay male massage is proven, so people willingly agree to such sessions, especially since many types of male...

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Practical Tips to Find Your Perfect Masseur Posted on September 26th, 2021

Gay male massage in Palm Springs is an effective way to prevent various diseases. Such sessions will help to relieve stress, restore vitality and strengthen the immune system. The male massage affects almost all parts of the body: the back, hips, lumbar spi...

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Pleasure for Body and Mind With Shiatsu Massage in Dallas Posted on September 20th, 2021

Shiatsu gay massage is used for general healing of the body, relieving stress and fatigue. Shiatsu is an acupressure gay male massage that is an excellent preventive measure to protect the nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract. It also helps with in...

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Thai Massage and Its Therapeutic Effect on Your Body Posted on September 18th, 2021

hai gay massage is a unique procedure that combines enormous health benefits and the opportunity to enjoy an exotic male massage session. Compared to the usual techniques, Thai gay massage in Manhattan has many features and in many cases is more effective.<...

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Intense Your Emotions With a Couple's Massage Posted on September 10th, 2021

A couple's gay massage session in San Francisco is a relaxing massage with elements of techniques, which is a light massage of the whole body.

Why couple's massage is your choice

A couple's gay massage in San Francisco is a pop...

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Massage Price and What Affects It Posted on September 02nd, 2021

Gay male massage in Los Angeles is something everyone should try. Such a procedure is a wonderful solution if you have problems with your mental and physical health or just want to relax after a long day at work.

Since gay massage procedures in Los ...

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Bring Back the Passion in Your Couple With a Massage Session Posted on August 19th, 2021

Love is a beautiful feeling that makes butterflies flutter in your stomach. It seems that it will always be so, and you dive headlong into this cycle of delightful emotions. But over time, the excitement disappears. So, they do not fade completely, the feel...

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Reflexology: A Relaxing Treatment for any Diseases Posted on August 19th, 2021

Reflexology is an ancient method of gay massage in which the therapeutic effect is achieved by acting on the biologically active points.

This type of gaymassage is thought to have originated in China. The method penetrated Europe in the XVII century...

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Nuru massage boom in gay massage community

Posted on January 04th, 2020

Nuru massage is a highly pleasurable, thrilling experience, yet extremely intoxicating (especially, if delivered by a professional m4m masseur) – once tried, Nuru massage becomes the most desired body treatment with no chances to going back. This unique, fantastic therapy gained insane popularity with the gay community around the whole world, and this is hardly surprising: along with driving sensations to the apogee, Nuru gay massage provides amazing health benefits positively affecting your general wellbeing and viability. 

Let’s find out why Nuru as a variation of gay male massage is all the rage nowadays. But before we jump into the explanation itself, we’d like to say a few words about this non-standard, fiendishly delicious body service. 

The essence of Nuru Massage

Nuru is an alternative to sensual massage having its springs in the city of Kawasaki, Japan. This manual therapy involves the total nakedness of both parties engaged in the process – a giver and a receiver. When the action begins, a nude masseur lies onto the receiver’s nude body and performs rubbing and gliding motions with his entire body. 

Surely, all participants of Nuru massage should be covered with special tasteless, odorless slippery massage lotion generally made from seaweed leaves, aloe vera juice, and grapefruit extract. An m4m masseur applies the lotion manually throughout both his and the client’s body. During the action, participants get into extreme physical contact, which intensifies all senses in the client’s body, producing a fabulous effect and relieving stress, both physical and mental. 

Some may think of Nuru as gay erotic massage, but in reality, it is not an intimate service because it does not involve any intercourse, provided the receiver does not ask for the opposite and the giver does not refuse. Exactly, for this reason, Nuru is one of the most popular m4m massages – getting heavenly pleasurable sensations without breaking any massage etiquette.  

Solid benefits of Nuru massage

Nuru gay massage relieves stress like no other bodywork. When all your sensations sharpen during a session, all your tensed muscles loose and you start feeling completely relaxed from top to bottom. Relaxing the body is a pathway to relaxing mind and unwinding after that all. Nuru m4m massage sessions fight stress and help you clear your mind from unnecessary thoughts. 

Another unbeaten advantage of Nuru gay massage that also contributes to the technique’s popularity with the gay community is the reduction of cellulite and facilitation of weight loss. Nuru gaymassage is delivered by a pair of powerful masculine hands (men are a priory stronger and can reach deeper layers of skin). Kneading and sliding over the body helps to destroy fatty deposits, making a body more toned, while natural ingredients containing in the massage oil saturate your skin with a myriad of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making it look glowing, velvet, and rosy – just like one of a baby. 

Yet another merit behind Nuru male massage is its ability to mend premature ejaculations and other erectile issues in men. A talented m4m masseur will apply genuine tantric massage techniques while doing Nuru on your body, leading you to the very edge of sensual release and retrieving you back without allowing you to climax. Such an approach helps your body to better control ejaculation which eventually fights premature emissions.  

And the greatest benefit of Nuru man4man massage is that it allows you to release accumulated negative energy and get filled with the sensual one instead. Strokes, rubs, touches, and pressures occurring between two absolutely naked and well-smeared bodies give you a lot of thrills and pleasant sensations, bringing you to a mind-boggling ending.

Rounding up, it is fairly to assume that Nuru massage is booming not only with the gay community but all those people accustomed to finer things in life because Nuru is a genuine, comprehensive massage technique full passion and sensitivity with guaranteed satisfaction for the receiver, namely, for you.

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    February 14th, 2020

  • Markus
    February 14th, 2020

    Me and my wife were looking for two masseurs in the Los Angeles area. We found and couldn't be happier with our session. great touch.

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