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Stories: The Massage Client Posted on July 25th, 2018

As a masseur, I come across a number of people every day. Some are bold enough to ask me to have an intercourse with them and some are too shy even to remove their clothes for a massage. I have my own experiences and I love sharing them with people, as I kn...

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Sexy Gay Nuru Massage — Get the Best Treatment and Never Go Back Posted on May 13th, 2019

When was the last time that you had time for a gay nuru massage? Everyone misses out on the best types of massage when they’re busy. There is nothing like the touch and experience of a professional masseur on your body. Nuru massage male sessions are ...

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Hot Masseur Posted on July 25th, 2018

Define your relaxation with gay m4m massage experience... Hot Masseur dot com ... Perfect choice to book quality relaxation. Choose from thousands gay friendly bodyworkers absolutely for free. Real time updates. See hot masseurs that available right now. Br...

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Gay massage. Try for free? Posted on July 25th, 2018

Hot Masseur is the perfect gay bodywork directory to book an amazing m4m massage. Choose from available gay friendly therapists in your city. Check their pictures, read reviews, and book your session for f...

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Gay massage. Book today? Posted on July 25th, 2018

Every person at one point or another need to release the tension. Some guys prefer to book massages at spa without knowing the masseur, some prefer to choose a male masseur in advance. On you can easil...

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BE IN CONTROL Posted on July 25th, 2018

Have you ever been overwhelmed running your own massage business? Have you been frustrated asking yourself WHERE ARE THE CALLS??? I certainly had these experiences in my successful career as a gay massage therapist.


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Benefits of Gay Massage - Good Massage for MEN Posted on July 25th, 2018

Gay massage in Las Vegas is healthy for your inner self and its process to discover yourself. Gay massage can be a result for a good relationship and bond.A massage heals your body and open pours,...

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Ultimate Relaxation Posted on July 25th, 2018

Gay Massage London offering you a massage that evokes your senses and gives you nearly heavenly feeling.
Advantages of gay massage?

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Divine Experience Posted on July 25th, 2018

Homosexuality is no more a taboo, it is normal as being a man loving woman or vice a versa. They are getting their recognition in every country, even many countries have made it official, accepted them and providing them same rights as any one of us (citize...

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Benefits Of The Prostate Massage Posted on July 25th, 2018

Have you ever felt like trying a prostate massage? In the pursuit of new sex experiences, more and more people are resorting to sexual massages like this gay massage in Paris. The massage we offer here are ideal for those men who are looking for an excuse t...

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Sexy Gay Nuru Massage — Get the Best Treatment and Never Go Back Posted on May 13th, 2019

When was the last time that you had time for a gay nuru massage? Everyone misses out on the best types of massage when they’re busy. There is nothing like the touch and experience of a professional masseur on your body. Nuru massage male sessions are ...

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The Unforgettable Experience of a Gay Sensual Massage Posted on May 13th, 2019

Have you ever reveled in the pleasure which stems from a gay sensual massage? If not, then you’re certainly missing out on phenomenal experience. While the best things in life are free, the touch of a professional massage therapist that results in few...

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How Massage Helps — a Long Look into the Relaxing World of Massage Therapy Posted on May 13th, 2019

If you’ve ever taken the time to ask how do massages work, then chances are you’ve looked up the information. Did any of the information online answer your question? Or did it skip out on vital information about how massage helps deep tissues? C...

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What Do You Wear to a Massage? Here’s How to (Un)Dress for Your Session Posted on April 22nd, 2019

What do you wear to a massage? Do you get naked for a massage? These are questions we all asked at least once before booking our first massage session. Because you wouldn’t want to just find yourself all naked in front of a shocked masseur n...

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The Notion of Massaging Oils Posted on April 04th, 2019

Whether you are a massage therapist or providing yourself with an in-home massage, massaging oils certainly permit the gliding of hands on the skin without any friction. Over and above that, becoming familiar with oils is seemingly daunting, as there is a b...

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Massage Etiquette: Everything You Need to Know Posted on April 02nd, 2019

Massage etiquette can be a bit of a minefield if you’re new to the world of male massage. For one, you’re getting naked with someone you just met so that can be awkward. It’s all part of the fun, though, right? Read on to find out what mas...

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History of Massage Therapy — Origins and the Timeline Overview Posted on April 04th, 2019

The history of massage therapy counts thousands of years in countries all over the world. It serves as a great insight for those who are looking to practice or those merely interested in the topic of holistic healing and its role in modern day society.


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Massage for Mental Health: Why It Is so Powerful Posted on April 04th, 2019

Massage for mental health is a topic of study that has received a lot of attention in recent years. While people often think of massage therapy in terms of helping fix their tight shoulders or decrease pain in their lower back, the research proves that regu...

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Types of Massage You Should Try Posted on April 04th, 2019

There are many types of massages out there. Some you may not have even heard of. And we won’t get to all of them in this article. But ask yourself, have you become stuck in a rut by requesting the same kind of technique over and over again? Or are you...

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Music for a Massage Posted on April 04th, 2019

Massage is as much about all of the senses as it is about the art of touch. Music is an art form in itself. You can remove negative energy from the room whilst creating a relaxing atmosphere all through the use of music. Finding music for a massage can be d...

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Different Types of Gay Massage Therapy – Which One is Right For You?

Types of Massage You Should Try

Posted on April 04th, 2019

There are many types of massages out there. Some you may not have even heard of. And we won’t get to all of them in this article. But ask yourself, have you become stuck in a rut by requesting the same kind of technique over and over again? Or are you new to gay massage and wouldn’t know what to answer if a therapist asks you what you would like? Choosing a type of massage shouldn’t be a sticking point. Your ultimate aim with m2m massage is to relax and show yourself the deep level of self-care that we all deserve. So read on to find out what types of massage you can request from your therapist then pick one that suits your mood, current level of stress or pain, or simply one that piques your interest. Whether you choose hot stone, therapeutic, Swedish, Shiatsu or something else, rest assured that it will reduce pain, improve your state of mind, and promote relaxation. And remember, you can try different types of massages whenever you visit a therapist – there is no reason to limit yourself to one technique.


Therapeutic massage is a general term that describes massage types to help with pain or stress. It is often used to work on specific problems, such as muscle tension in a particular area of the body. Regular therapeutic massage can help heal and reduce injuries as well as increase flexibility and improve muscle tone. This makes it a great addition to any gym or sports training that you’re doing. Therapeutic massage has been around for a long time. In fact, did you know that the first written histories of this treatment were found in China and Egypt and date back to 2700 BC? An ancient Chinese text called “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic Book of Internal Medicine” has become a staple in training contemporary therapists. Egyptian tomb paintings showcase the importance of massage in ancient Egypt.


Hot stone massage is often associated with the Hawaiian culture but has also been used for thousands of years in many other parts of the world. In China, for example, hot stones were first used more than 2000 years ago, their job was to improve the workings of internal organs. Native Americans also placed hot stones on the lower abdomen to relieve cramps. During a hot stone massage, your therapist will place heated stones on various parts of the body. To prevent burning of the skin, a towel is placed between the stones and sensitive areas. The main benefit of this type of massage therapy is that the heat from the stones help your muscles to relax while your therapist is working on other areas.


There’s a hot debate as to whether this popular technique was founded by Swedish fencing instructor Per Henrik Ling or Dutch practitioner Johan Georg Mezger. We won’t get into that controversy here. Let’s just agree that Swedish massage originated in the 1800s and is sometimes called a classic technique. It’s characterized by movements such as stroking, kneading, stroking and rubbing. One of the top goals of this type of massage therapy is to relax your entire body. It’s also well-known for its health benefits including increasing blood flow, reducing pain, and improving your immune system.


It’s believed that ancient Egyptians were the first to use deep tissue massage, but it was introduced to the United States in the late 1800s. This technique uses more intense kneading techniques and pressure than Swedish massage. The aim is to get into the deep layers of muscle tissue to release chronic tension. It may also help increase your range of motion in areas which have become stiff due to injury or lack of flexibility. This is definitely a technique to try if you want more pressure than the traditional therapeutic massage and know that your pain threshold is able to handle it. It’s also one of the best techniques for people who suffer from chronic pain.


Thai massage is sometimes called Thai yoga because it is a combination of massage therapy and yoga. Your therapist will place your body into yoga postures to gently stretch you much further than you can on your own. This ancient form of treatment is dated back over 2500 years ago, to the time of the Buddha. It’s said that the founder was Buddha’s friend and physician, Komparaj. Once Buddhism reached Thailand, this technique quickly grew in popularity with the Thai people. Today traditional practitioners of the therapy still offer a Buddhist prayer before they begin work for the day. Like other types of massage, Thai massage offers immense health benefits. For example, the yoga poses can correct rounding of shoulders that we often experience with desk jobs.


There is a reason why top sports teams employ professional massage therapists — it can have a massive positive impact on performance. But it’s not just for the pro players. It’s for athletes of all abilities and is designed to heal and prevent injuries as well as increase flexibility. As sports and working out can build tension in our muscles, it’s important to employ techniques such as sports massage to relieve that tension and ensure that it doesn’t result in injury or disability. Like Shiatsu and deep tissue massage, sports massage can be a little painful as a lot of pressure is applied to really work into the muscle.


Shiatsu massage is a Japanese therapy which is based on ideas from traditional Chinese medicine. It can really benefit people who suffer from migraines and headaches and has a lot in common with trigger point bodywork. Trigger points are hyper-irritable spots in the skeletal muscle tissue. When released, they are very sensitive, even when light pressure is applied. After that, the pain quickly disappears. It is not uncommon for clients to experience soreness or pain after this treatment. But no pain, no gain, right? Within a couple of days, you’ll start to really experience the benefits of this therapy.


Nuru is an extremely sensual erotic technique that originated in Kawasaki, Japan. It varies widely compared to other types of massage because instead of the therapist using their hands to stroke your body, Nuru involves total body contact between masseur and client. Your therapist will actually use his body to massage yours. The skin on skin contact will cause an unprecedented level of arousal and satisfaction. Nuru actually means slippery or smooth in Japanese. An odorless, colorless and completely natural gel made primarily from seaweed is used to make the therapy even more fun than it sounds. Even though this treatment sounds like a total indulgence, the high level of intimacy fulfills our human need for emotional connection, and the therapy has benefits for physical health as well. Nuru massage can help release toxins from your body and like other types of massage, it can relieve stress and muscle tension.

What type of massage therapist will you look for next? As they say, different strokes for different folks. You may prefer one technique or different types of massage therapy. You may even prefer entirely different techniques on different days. Or you may want to leave the decision to your massage therapist. Whatever you choose, remember that our professional therapists are here to take you from stressed to blessed. Your appointment is your time to let go of things that may be worrying you and surrender to the ultimate relaxing and blissful experience that male to male massage is all about. Make your selection from our catalog of hot masseurs and treat yourself to an erotic massage that is also great for your body and general health.

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