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Andy’s Nuru massage is incredible. His sensual nature and his ability to nurture exceeded my expectations. He worked out my stress and I was amazed how better I felt right away. He is kind, thoughtful, and truly talented. My session lasted 90 minutes and it was a combo of body scrub and Nuru massage. Andy started with the body scrub session using high quality products and oils. In order to remove some of the scrubs from my body we used his impeccable shower, where he removed the scrub slowly. Afterwards my skin felt so soft and rejuvenated. The Nuru massage was very arousing and definitely a must try experience. I loved feeling his body massaging me. The Nuru oil added a very sensual element. Additionally, his beautiful studio is a spa-like environment, neat, clean and inviting. The man knows his craft and delivered at top notch massage with great care and energy. I am definitely returning again.

2021-05-09 17:08:18

This was my second massage with Andy and it was amazing! For my second massage I wanted to try his Nuru erotic massage and all I can say is that it has been the best massage I have ever had! From the moment I contacted him, he was very prompt, professional and easy to communicate with. I asked several questions regarding the Nuru massage and he answered all of them in a fast and clear way. I would describe the Nuru massage session as the most sensual experience I have ever had in my life. To start, Andre is a very good looking young guy with an amazing fit body. Secondly, his space is beautiful and very clean. He was very conscious about the current health challenges and he implemented the adequate safety protocols. He offered me hand sanitizer and made the shower facilities available. Clean towels were provided as well. I appreciated very much the way his studio was prepared for the massage with dim lights, soft music, candle light, nice smell and the massage set up ready with towels for the Nuru massage. His sensual massage technique was incredible. He massages you from head to toe. He pays attention to all the body. He knows what he does, he massaged me with passion and care, I will definitely see him again.

2020-09-19 00:34:43

I've experienced Andre's massage work several times now and I will be back for more! He's very attractive, sweet and easy to talk to. He made me feel completely at home as soon as I entered his apartment. I prefer deep-tissue work and Andre's incredibly strong when it comes to focusing on problem areas. At the same time, he happily lightens the pressure when I'm looking for a more gentle and sensual touch. He obviously has solid massage training and knows all of the right techniques for the best treatment of trouble spots and overall healing. Each time, I've left in a much better place, physically and emotionally. Perfect technique, adapts to individual needs. The head massage that he threw in simply brought me to another level. Don’t hesitate for a moment to book him!

2020-01-14 02:57:31

I booked an appointment with Andre last minute and gladly he was able to provide an in-call massage with his fall promotion. He was very polite and professional and was able to listen to my back issues after a long flight. I asked for a Swedish therapy session with some trigger points for 90 mins. He was able to make me feel relax and used high quality massage cream during our massage leaving me feeling like a million dollar. His place was spotless and organized and facilitated a post massage shower and a bottle of water at the end of our appointment. Highly recommend and will contact him again when I visit New York City in the near future.

2019-10-09 23:49:05

This is my second massage session and second review. As I mentioned earlier, seeing Andre once wasn't enough. He is amazing, great hands, warm personality and wow, does he know what to do! His massage is unbelievable all due to his great technique. No one comes even close to his level of expertise. I will definitely be back and will reserve 90 minutes next time. He also has a great studio. His place is spotless. I will tell my friends about booking a massage with him too. Thanks Andre.

2019-07-09 04:00:50

Andre is a phenomenal masseuse and an even more amazing human being. The time you spend with him will not only make you feel more relaxed physically, but will leave you feeling so refreshed mentally. He reads your body and knows where to apply pressure. His hands create a sensual atmosphere giving you time to warm up to him. His space is serene and well kept. The ability to shower before or after is so convenient when you’re coming off a day of work. He’s stunning and sexy with a wonderful smile. I like quiet massages and he really made me feel at ease. I hope to see him regularly now that I’ve gotten to know him.

2019-06-11 03:45:16

Thank you. I am happy you enjoyed it. Come back anytime.

2019-06-25 21:24:01

I've had several massages in the past but none were quite like Andre's. There was definitely something different about his approach and touch. He was warm and friendly from the beginning to the end. His hands were so intuitive and strong, and his technique so unique. The massage was very focused. He isolated all of my knots and worked them with varying degrees of pressure over the course of the massage. This was without doubt the best massage I ever had. His technique is top notch. I left feeling completely energized. I will definitely book another appointment with him. You will not be disappointed.

2019-05-01 04:02:23

Thank you so much. I am looking forward to see you again.

2019-05-15 06:43:08

I was looking for gay masseur in NYC when I stumbled upon this ad. I am so happy I found Andre. Awesome hands and great to the touch. Really able to get into those areas and find the knots. Also, my favorite part of this m4m massage is very sensual with gentle strokes and fondles to release the stress. Great energy. Very sweet man.

2019-04-19 00:51:53

Thank you for your comments. Looking forward to seeing you again.

2019-05-01 02:28:12

This was my second massage with Andre and it was great again. His place is clean, relaxing and he is very handsome, with a beautifully sculpted body in perfect shape. Knowing the body as well as he does, the massage was perfect, geared to my individual body, my exercise regimen and my desires. His massage technique is really wonderful and he will check in with you about pressure and areas that need attention. I have enjoyed both my sessions with Andre and look forward to more. I highly recommend him.

2019-04-16 22:38:16

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am happy you enjoyed our session. Come back anytime.

2019-05-01 02:27:10
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