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The time you are wasting right now reading this review is time you could be using to book your appointment. That's how good he is. You shouldn't even be reading this. You should be texting him.

Chase checks every box. Every. Single. One.

Massage skills rival any I've had at any spa anywhere (and I travel all over the world). After a preliminary massage - he understood what I needed to work on in terms of tightness or injuries - and he went to town and worked through every trouble spot. (I injured my shoulder at the gym - and he got it back on track).

So he already had me at the therapeutic aspect of his work but - make no mistake - he is also by nature a very sensual guy so that part was on-point as well.

Present, kind, funny, engaging and really handsome.

His apartment is in LA - but the train is fast... I was at his apartment in 20 minutes (no different than any travel anywhere else in the city). Great space - great guy. He puts a lot of himself in his work and takes pride in it - so be respectful.

If you're looking for the total package - you found it. Just don't take my spot.

2019-07-28 16:00:59
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