Reviews about Daniel

I had to wait 15min outside his building before he come see me. Massage was okay, not exciting like I expected. Spent like 30minute on my arms and very less time on my back. I would say pretty basic massage .

2021-06-13 01:57:01

Daniel is very professional and fun to talk with. He is an intellegent guy and you will leave his place very relaxed and fulfilled.

2021-01-17 19:14:50

Hot and sexy massage therapist looks like a movie star, gay-friendly, and super professional for his age. He was able to accommodate me on short notice and I was carried away from the minute he touched me.

2020-12-24 14:33:08

So I'm coming here to give credit to an outstanding masseur: Daniel. First of all he is a trained therapist with incredibly strong hands and gives an incredible massage.

After a few disappointments with other young men around the city I decided to look up online and stumbled across a forum that praised his name. I followed a couple of suggestions before Daniel and although I was not entirely disappointed with the other services, I have to say that not only has he given me the best massage since I came back from living in UK. His massage has been consistent or maybe even better each time .

I agree that he is a handsome young man, I was expecting that from the reviews, but his technique and presence are over the top! He seems to have a great understanding of the body and adds his own masculine touch to the experience. I was surprised how intuitive he was and made the session with the most authentically holistic massage I have ever had.

He has a beautiful shape and a smile that's worth a million. One more thing to add to this review is that Daniel is also a very bright guy.

This guy should get as most credit as possible and therefore I am taking the time to make this entry and hope it brings him business. He is respectful, well mannered, and should be treated the same way. I truly wish him all the best in his projects including this one.

2019-07-28 15:52:26

He showed up to my apartment on time, with a smile on his face and he's even better looking and taller in person. He asked about my troubled spots and worked on them and was constantly asking me if the pressure was OK? I would say he was one off the better masseurs that I have hired and will consider call him again. He seemed genuinely interested in what I said and we seemed to hit it off at the start which was nice since having a massage with an attitude isn't my thing!

2019-04-17 16:06:07
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