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Excellent massage! Pays attention to your muscles and relax you completely. Highly recommended.

2020-09-25 15:27:26

Johns massage was incredible I thoroughly enjoyed an hour of his wonderful hands on mastery, I came in limboing with an under the shoulder pain and sciatica on the right side, and left with a smile.....he’s great. And I’ve got another massage booked already.....thanks John.
Ray Swenson

2020-09-22 18:46:17

John is just great, friendly and caring, the perfect host for a quality massage, that he delivers on amazingly. I was so relaxed you could have poured me into a glass, when he finished with me. I came in with an under the shoulder blade muscle spasm and sciatica on my right side, which he was able to work out until I was upright again. His talented hands eased all the pain and sore muscles, he’s a very good therapist. I enjoyed our talk a great deal and have made plans and an appointment for a follow up that I look forward to. Ray Swenson

2020-09-22 15:20:15

John’s massage is incredible, I booked an hour and melted into his table after coming in with Sciatica on my right Side and pain under my right shoulder blade. He not only gave me relief but had me walking out upright with a new spring in my step, very relaxed and happy.....I’ll be back again soon for a tuneup. John is very worth it and I’m glad I found him. He’s a gem, great conversation, very pleasant! I can’t say I can afford a ten dollar tip all the time, but I really enjoyed my time with him. Ray Swenson

2020-09-22 01:38:28

John was great. Very professional and skilled. I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer.

2020-06-29 16:39:45
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