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I can not say enough about the quality, uniqueness, & innovative skills presented in four hand massage treatment I got from Ben & Eric. You will see why they are rated so highly as soon as you walk into the space. They transform a hotel room into a 5 star spa, within seconds you feel they are masters of their craft and all your pain and stresses melt away leaving your body feeling like its floating for HOURS!

2020-02-25 13:53:34

★★★★★★★ I would give them a thousand stars if I could. Eric & Ben are MASSAGE GODS!

2020-02-15 21:19:32

Thank you for your review & support of our business! It was an honor to work on you. - Until Next Time. Eric & Ben

2020-02-18 03:08:10

I decided for my birthday to treat myself, I have seen Eric's & Ben's advertisment in numerous cities due to them being travel therapist. I have heard of 4 Hand / Tandem Massage before but never had the opportunity to experience it. I was at first skeptical that they only had positive revies, Eric has been a massage therapist since 2004 had no one has ever left him a bad review? How is that possible? Well I will tell how it is possible, they have elevated massage theraphy & bodywork to a level where it is more of an experince than a typical massage service. I first noticed the ambiance, it puts you at ease as sooon as they open the door, you know you are in the right place. Thier table is HUGE! They travel with a custom made olympic size table, it was the most comfortable tables I have ever been on and I'm not a small guy. The tandem 4 hand massage was such a treat, it's based on the concept of overstimulation your body & mind. They know excatly what they are doing, you find yourself fighting to keep in order all the different sensations, don't fight letting go and let your mind and body reset. I can't say enough that COMPLETELY over exceeded my expections! Put 4 Hand Massage on your bucket list and if you are ever lucky enough to find two highly trained therapist. GET ONE! I can't wait until they are back, I will be getting another one as soon as they return.

2020-01-06 03:08:58

Thank you for your review & support of our business! It was an honor to work on you. - Until Next Time. Eric & Ben

2020-02-18 03:08:24

At first I thought all Eric's & Ben's 4 Hand Massage reviews were fake, it wasn't until 3 mins into the massage that I KNEW their reviewed skills are accurate! The 4 Hand massage is an experience unlike anything else, your mind is forced to slow down due to not being able to keep up with whose hands are where & the vast variety of modalities used to overstimulate the mind & body. If you ever get a chance to get on their table I highly recommend it, they are professional but do not let that fool you about the intensity of the experience. . . . IT IS VERY INTENSE!

2019-12-20 11:43:22

Thank you for your review & support of our business! It was a hour to work on you. - Until Next Time. Eric & Ben

2019-12-20 21:41:12

I have been seeing Eric & Ben for close to 4 years now and they always know just what to do to provide the best healing. They are intuitive, very attentive and sensitive to what your body needs, offering just the right amount of pressure as needed. While there are many massage therapists available and I have been to many, Whenever I get a chance to book with them I drop everything! IT IS AN HONOR & A GIFT TO YOUR BODY! They truly are the world's best tandem 4 hand massage experts, working together exclusively affords them many powers!

2019-10-19 20:49:28

Thank you for your review & support of our business.

2019-12-20 19:46:51
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