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OK. If you’re reading this review, you’re likely visiting New York city, possibly staying in a hotel – and you’ve decided to treat yourself to a massage. And you can see dozens of masseurs with different looks and even some appearing to be offering more than a massage. And maybe you especially like Asian men and see a few nice-looking Asian masseurs, prompting you to start looking at reviews. But I’m writing to tell you that your search should be over right now, since you’re considering this one masseur who’s the real deal – a guy who’s not only very good-looking, down-to-earth and downright adorable - but also very skilled in offering a very sensual massage that you will definitely enjoy. Lee is not a very muscular-looking guy, but he has great, strong hands – and he’s very skilled at identifying just where to apply pressure and leave you feeling great. If you invite him to your place, you'll find that he will double-check with you while he's on his way and he will be very punctual. Your first impression will be that Lee is a bit shy, modest and soft-spoken. And almost all of what he will have to say during your massage will be to check to make sure that he’s applying the pressure you’d prefer and to make sure you’re feeling great. And, by the way, what he charges is a real bargain – and I’m telling you that you’ll probably want to invite Lee back for another bargain massage tomorrow night as well! I know I sound like a real fan of Lee, and that’s because I definitely am – and I’m looking forward to the next time I’m in New York when I will get another great massage from this really nice, great-looking, very talented guy.

2020-02-06 01:10:55
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