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I’ve had my first massage session with Daniel.
Amazing. His place was easy to find and park and his place was warm, inviting, and tidy. He was personable, charming, and friendly and made sure I was comfortable as I positioned myself on his heated table. He was conscious enough to offer me bottle water and the restroom if I needed.

The setting was lite with over 2 dozens candles with appropriate music. After driving thru traffic, walking into his place I knew - I was about to have a great experience.

Daniel’s massage was very intuitive and thorough. He easily got “into the zone” when a massage therapist becomes engrossed in his session and their professionalism, experience and compassion become evident. He checked in often about pressure and temperature- but his heated table leaves you like butter. He’s the kind of masseur you’d want to be your friend. And he treats you that way.

What I found most amazing, is that he checked in with me the following day to ask how I was feeling and how I had slept. He Also asked for comments of what I found most memorable and for feedback of anything that needs attention too. I had only great things to say and I that I slept like a baby.

I’ll definitely be going back. Again, and again.

2020-01-09 04:37:11

My massage with Daniel was hands down, the best massage I’ve ever had.. super intuitive, which I love.. and he incorporated his breath, which I also loved.. being a Pilates instructor, I appreciate that mind / body connection.. he has great hands and I felt like putty in them.. his space it great, he’s super nice and welcoming (and handsome if that matters to you) I’ve already recommended him to my clients.. And I highly recommend him here!!!!!

2020-01-09 04:05:48

Danny Does Indeed Have Your Back!!!
With his amazing massage full of deep, slow and relaxing work that left me in a smiley, Zen place. He's a chill guy and that chillax comes through his massage, which are the kind that could easily become addicting. Give him a shout and enjoy! His place was soothing, clean, and warm. And his table is heated too! So nice. He checked in with me regarding pressure and to guide me with my breath for full relaxation. I was hesitant at first because his prices were so much cheaper then his peers. I asked him about this - and he said, “I come from the old school of massage. I’d rather people see more frequently as oppose to an expensive ‘every-so-often’ treat”. He is The Real Deal!

2020-01-07 20:53:48

I had my first visit with Danny and am still at a loss for words as to how much I enjoyed the time. Danny is a truly gentle gentleman masseur. He gives a wonderful professional massage and is always exuding his compassion for his client's needs. The aromatherapy massage itself was truly an amazing experience and very relaxing. I would obviously highly recommend Danny on all scales as a very professional gentleman who is passionate about his work and fantastic with his clients!!!

2020-01-06 10:28:38

How refreshing!! Im so pleased and feel I’ve found the therapist I’ll stay with - for sure.

So nice, and genuine. Where as I’ve felt that I was just a quick $100 bucks to someone, Danny really cares.

His massage was off the charts. Best I’ve ever had. I felt at times that he was almost in a different place so I didn’t dare talk during the massage. But when I did, he answered or commented but then got back into it.

I didn’t feel rushed afterwards. We sat on the couch and spoke a bit.

A true gem.

2020-01-04 07:40:33
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