THAIRIFICTOUCH, M4M massage in San Francisco, CA, USA

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❀ A modern bodywork offering a spa-like experience in the city center ❀✿

Hi, I’m Hugo. I am 28 years old. I’m a friendly, well-Organized, punctual, service minded and innovative. It's such an honor to recommend you to my signature.

Passing of time, and through the influence of the media, large parts of Thai massages have become interwoven with the wider popular Western culture.
It is a style that I’m proud of and you have to try once in a lifetime. It's a combination of Thai and Swedish massage. This unique modality is skillfully performed using feet and organic aromatic oils on a futon. Long smooth strokes that promote circulation and energy flow. It is a form of Thai deep tissue. I’ll be a certain weight for proper technique delivery. it's both energizing and relaxing.
Travel can be physically and mentally exhausting and this treatment works on both levels to help you recover from your journey and ready to explore San Francisco. A treatment for weary travelers to get you back on track when you’re feeling tired and sluggish. Energizing deep tissue massage with nourishing facial sheet mask and foot acupressure.

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  • $ 120 for 60 minutes of Therapeutic Incall
  • $ 150 for 90 minutes of Therapeutic Incall
  • $ 220 for 120 minutes of Therapeutic Incall


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