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Bryan, M4M massage in Toronto, ON, Canada
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Do you ever get the feeling that the massage you get is the same lifeless set of strokes your therapist gives everyone else?
You deserve a massage from Me: a warm, caring, intuitive experience regardless of who you are and what you look like.

I understand the role of sensuality and how it can be effortlessly blended into a massage. It belongs there, after all. I understand that in our society, it’s not “manly” to touch, or to feel the need to be touched, in a caring way. So many of us are craving this touch. We need it to be healthy, happy, and whole.

I promise to be sensitive to you and your needs and to put you into a state of total relaxation.

Prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime. See you soon!

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  • $ 80 for 60 minutes of Therapeutic Outcall
  • $ 120 for 90 minutes of Therapeutic Outcall
  • $ 120 for 60 minutes of Sensual Outcall
  • $ 150 for 90 minutes of Sensual Outcall


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