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Kyle Robert Hoffman, M4M massage in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Personal Description

Caring touch and holding.

100% PLATONIC. DON'T contact me for sensual, etc.

20 covid safety measures in place -

My unique modality focuses on nurturing, personal, and emotionally fulfilling and healing touch.

Some favorites are being greeted and leaving with a long & strong hug, receiving light caring face, beard and hair stroking, belly and chest rubs, feeling my full body weight on top of you, and strong embraces. You are welcome to purely receive touch or share mutual, two way organic platonic touch together.

I only provide PLATONIC (meaning NOT erotic) sessions.

Platonic means that we agree to never do anything to intentionally create or increase arousal. Unintentional arousal sometimes comes up and it's treated in a professional, shame free way. We can talk about our feelings but will never act on any arousal.

Since I use my full body to provide platonic touch, we ALWAYS wear a MINIMUM of mid thigh gym shorts and a tank top at all times during every session.

If you have a question or are interested although not sure, please contact me with your questions or possible interest! We can have a complimentary in person conversation, phone or video call, or e-mailing or texting to help you decide if you’d like to try a session. :)

I don't provide any modalities working with deep tissue.

“I was new to platonic nurturing touch and was not only skeptical but actually a bit afraid. It’s not easy being a big guy and first of all admitting that you want the touch of another human, but actually seeking that touch out. Kyle made it easy. It was filled with smiling, gentle conversation and letting me move at my own pace . . . My sessions with Kyle have been life-changing.” -John, Team Manager, Fortune 100 Company

“As a psychotherapist, interested in what can supplement my client’s healing journey, I highly recommend Kyle’s work. I experienced an individual session with him so that I could observe first hand what his skills are. I can say without any hesitation that Kyle’s natural caring, empathy, insights, and professionalism, can help clients experience the necessary elements needed to integrate a sense of wholeness. Additionally, for anyone in need of healing traumas, his work offers a reparative experience. I certainly will send clients to him, whom I believe could benefit from his work.

Throughout my 30 plus years as a clinician, I’m convinced that for anyone working with a psychotherapist, a real reparative experience, such as what Kyle offers, is a real added bonus.” -Arnie J. Vargas, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

If you're interested in possibly scheduling a session we will communicate before meeting so you feel comfortable. In a session, you’ll be guided through agreements that create safety and trust between us. Over and over you will be affirmed that this is about what feels right for you. You are always empowered to choose how you spend your session.

“Kyle is the epitome of professional and warm and welcoming at the same time. He takes time to explain what a session entails and answer any questions. He’ll ask questions to help guide the session and gently steer you toward discovering what you want or need out of the session if you are uncertain.” -Ralph, High School Teacher

You will be guided through an experience that is specifically for you. No one size fits all routine here. You may be held and you may hold me. You may receive a loving, nourishing touch and may give the same to me. You may enjoy light caresses to your arms or face, having your hair or beard stroked or stroking mine, sharing touch with our hands, holding each other sitting up, lying on top of each other, a scalp massage, belly rubs, enjoying as much space and time not sharing touch as you want.

We will talk and get to know each other as much or as little as is right for you. Feeling emotions and talking about life experiences are cherished here, whether your greatest accomplishment or darkest hour. If you want more platonic touch in your daily life you’ll be guided on how to do that and given helpful resources. If you want to improve your boundaries, asking for what you want, truly receiving, comfortably expressing emotions, sharing deep platonic connection, healing old trauma, or anything else we’ll do that.

I LOVE sessions with anyone of any gender identity, romantic orientation, physical or mental ability, age (18+), body type, ethnicity, etc.

If you have a question or are interested although not sure, please contact me with your questions or possible interest! We can have a complimentary in-person conversation, phone or video call, or e-mailing or texting to help you decide if you’d like to try a session. :)

It’s your choice to use my sanctuary, your home, or another location (hotel room you'd rent, etc.). I’ll gladly travel to you! (My travel reimbursement rate is $40/hour that I drive.) There are no pets or allergens in my home. I’m in a nice and safe area of University City, Philadelphia near the intersection of Walnut St. and South 44th St. Free parking and public transit are easily available. I can give you a video tour of my space beforehand if you’d like! 🙂

I’m occasionally in the Lehigh Valley of PA, as well as NJ, DE, NY, CT, and MA for personal travel during which I joyfully do out calls in those areas with reduced travel reimbursement.

If you’re concerned about possibly having unintentional feelings of arousal in a session, don’t worry, we’ll handle it with ease if it happens. I address this in the FAQs section below. We can also chat about this before meeting if you want.

Answers to some great Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

“This is my first time doing anything like this. I’m going to be honest, I feel kind of nervous.”

Thank you for telling me! I appreciate your honesty and great communication skills! For many of us, it takes real courage to say something like that.

Rest assured that most of my first time clients identify with this statement, so you’re in great company. 🙂

I’m pretty darn good at helping new clients get their questions answered and feeling more comfortable before and during a session. By some point in the beginning of our first session you’ll probably be feeling amazingly comfortable with me and your experience. Many of my first time clients are surprised at how comfortable and natural it feels so soon! It makes sense since it is a basic human way to connect.

“How does a session with you go? What’s it like?”

Before the session we’ll communicate to answer any of your questions and help you feel more comfortable. When we meet I’ll greet you with a warm smile and ask if you’d like a handshake, a hug, or neither. I’ll ask how your trip was and how you’re doing or feeling. I’ll offer you water and show you the freshly cleaned restroom.

We’ll walk up to my sanctuary room where you can keep your personal belongings during the session. I’ll invite you to sit or lie down anywhere you feel comfortable on the comfy large foam padding on the floor. We’ll start the session by talking about a few things first for about 15 minutes. I’ll promise you that I will only share platonic touch and talk about things together that I wholeheartedly feel good about. That way you don’t have to even think about if I feel comfortable with certain touch that you request or conversation since I will always honestly, gently let you know if I need to modify anything for me to feel comfortable. I’ll also ask you to promise to do your best to only share touch or conversation that feels like a good choice for you! 🙂 I’ll encourage you to say “no thanks” at any time to my offers of touch. I’ll encourage you to ask for modifications at anytime, for any reason, so we only spend time in a way that you enjoy!

I’ll reaffirm my personal boundaries and our mutual platonic agreements. Besides the Code of Conduct and those boundaries, I’m basically open to giving and receiving any kind of platonic touch that you’d like. If I need to modify anything in the moment I’ll just kindly let you know. I’ll ask if you have any boundaries in addition to the Code of Conduct or any kinds of touch that you know ahead of time that you don’t enjoy (i.e. my feet are too ticklish, I don’t like my stomach touched, etc.).

I’ll share that all emotions are welcome here including crying, anger, nervousness, etc. You’re very welcome to feel any feelings, including crying with or on me, etc. I’m very, very comfortable with emotions, including tears. I will compassionately be with you if you feel feelings. I won’t try to change you, “fix it,” etc.

I’ll share that we can talk as much or as little as you’d like, about as light or deep personal topics as you’d like as long as it doesn’t’ involve you planning to hurt someone. This completes the introduction to our session.

I’ll ask if you’d like to start sharing platonic touch now, if you’d like to keep talking for now without touch, or if you’d like to meditate together which I can talk us through. If or when you want to share touch, I’ll ask if you have any ideas of touch you’d like to start with. If you do, we’ll start there. If not I’ll ask you some simple questions to gradually guide us to figuring out what kind of touch you would like to start with.

From there we’ll talk occasionally about how it’s going for you, if you’d like to shift into having some space or try a different kind of touch, etc. Per your preference and my intuition we may share times of silence, music, nature sounds, fun chatting or talking about personal challenges or experiences you want to share.

At the end I’ll lead you through a gradual, relaxing transition out of the session. I’ll give you tips for transitioning back to regular life. If you’d like I will check in with you in a day to hear how your experience was and how you’ve been since our session.

“Is this a silly question? Am I asking too many questions?”

I haven’t come across a silly question yet! 🙂 So please ask away! If you’d check through these FAQs to see if your question is adequately answered here this helps us make our time talking or e-mailing the most valuable to you. 🙂

“Do you do sessions with ____? (people identifying as men, women, other gender identity, LGBTQ, having a physical or mental disability, atypical on the neurodiversity spectrum, trauma from physical or mental abuse, who’ve been violated, living with anxiety, depression, etc., etc.)”

Yes! 🙂 If you are a human being who can follow the code of conduct then I welcome you with my open arms and big heart! 🙂

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  • $ 100 for 75 minutes of Therapeutic Incall
  • $ 150 for 105 minutes of Therapeutic Incall
  • $ 200 for 135 minutes of Therapeutic Incall
  • $ 250 for 165 minutes of Therapeutic Incall
  • $ 300 for 195 minutes of Therapeutic Incall
  • $ 100 for 75 minutes of Therapeutic Outcall
  • $ 150 for 105 minutes of Therapeutic Outcall
  • $ 200 for 135 minutes of Therapeutic Outcall
  • $ 250 for 165 minutes of Therapeutic Outcall
  • $ 300 for 195 minutes of Therapeutic Outcall


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