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Ocean Walker, M4M massage in Santa Cruz, CA, USA
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Bask in your desire and let it unfold your inner divine.

It gets really easy to forget, in the press of everyday life, to enjoy doing and do by the power of enjoyment. Simple pleasure becomes a chore, and the most important thing about what we do becomes its price tag.

It is here, for these moments where you find you lose the love, that I offer a way to refresh, explore and deepen yourself in parts of You that you may not remember ever having met. Through breath, movement, touch and mindfulness we make space for you to bask in Your Soul.

What allows this to work, first and foremost, is our shared commitment to honor and flow with whatever is emerging through and around you.

To help us find and stay with that sweet spot, I bring years of training and devoted practice in shamanism, Tantra, relational modalities, sensual bodywork and a twist of kink. We take these as tools for finding facets of You as well as pleasures in themselves. Precisely what our work will use will always emerge from the moment, including the boundaries of that moment.

I welcome all bodies, genders, orientations and desires to our work.

I do ask that you be respectful of our time and energy in this work. Clients not able to engage me respectfully on the topic our work, will be respectfully encouraged to find their needs met elsewhere.

Please contact me to determine what arrangements suit us.

By appointment only.

With all my love,

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  • $ 250 for 90 minutes of Therapeutic Outcall
  • $ 250 for 90 minutes of Sensual Outcall
  • $ 300 for 120 minutes of Therapeutic Outcall
  • $ 300 for 120 minutes of Sensual Outcall


  • Cash
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