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JEFERSON, M4M massage in Newark, NJ, USA

Personal Description

Looking for HAIRCUT (Beard and Trimming), BODY SCRUB(Including Face, whole body and Feet) HEALING MASSAGE or BOOST YOUR IMUNE SYSTEM? Ask me about it, I'm safe, healthy and ready to help.
Remember that Smile, Positive attitude and Love is what all Human Beings most need this moment.


As a human being who search for quality of life, I (We) love to exchange throw BodyMindSoul great Energy. I (We) have been exchanging energy my (our) entire life. The skills I (We) achieved today are because many beautiful Human Beings have helped us to improve more and more in Massage and Healing knowledge.
The connection between You and me (us) will keep our heart and consciousness expanding our Universe in order to discover unknown and priceless treasures inside Us.
I (We) have been practicing massage and the techniques are more focused on Deep Tissue, Swedish, standard massage, 4 hands massage, Gun massage, Hot Stones, Cupping Set, Aloe Vera healing, sensual and more.
Besides our skills I (We) offer Yoga class, breathing exercises to alkaline the body, Reiki, quantum energy healing and singing bowl healing, cromotherapy, aromatherapy, therapeutic bath.
I offer 4 Hands massage with my friend Ricardo. A 4 hands Experience is when 2 therapists work on one Human being, often using synchronized moves and a full body massages at the same time. Ask me more about if You are interested.
I do often and I highly recommend to walk barefoot in the middle of nature, learning about eliminated toxins from Body, taking cold shower, drink a lot of water, eat JUST ORGANIC PLANT BASED FOOD, in order to keep becoming a best version of ourselves every day.
If You have any questions about what I (We) offer and I (We) will try the best to share the best we have achieved.
I (We) do Incall or Outcall
Love and Peace



  • $ 120 for 60 minutes of Therapeutic Incall


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