Originated in the Far East, Nuru meaning slippery and or smooth in Japanese, is by far the most psychically engaging erotic body healing possible. An m4m gay Nuru massage uniquely incorporates the use of odorless and tasteless massage oils typically derived from elements found in oriental healing such as seaweed leaves and other natural solutions. During the Nuru massage, the highest level of physical contact is received through the direct weight of the masseuse or masseur’s entire body. This body to body contact allows for optimal stress relieving triggers to be activated through overpowering sensations and stimulations. Let the indulgence of male weight consumer you as you dip into an abyss free of stress.

Nuru Gay Massage At Hot Masseur, we are always interested in the more unusual and exotic massage techniques. If you are unaccustomed to the world of sensual male massage, you may have not heard of gay Nuru Massage. Nuru massage originates in Kawasaki, Japan. It is now popular in the West as well, and we are able to offer it to our clients in London. It’s a traditional form of erotic massage, and in Japan, some see it as a spiritual journey. It is also considered very romantic and is common with two. The communication ‘Nuru’ originates from Japanese for ‘slippery’, which gives you a hint of what abide you.Special properties of the plant-supported lotion. The masseur use Nuru lotion to perform the massage. The wash is produced from Nori seaweed and is 100% plant-based. It resembles a gel, is flavorless and odorless. Often made from three types of seaweed, the lotion can also have added chamomile, grapefruit extract, aloe vera, and other ingredients to indulge your skin. It’s an excellent moisturizer, personal lubricant, and massage aid. The magic happens once your masseur activates the lotion second-hand a small amount of warm irrigate. As its Japanese name insinuate, Nuru lotion becomes extraordinarily slippery. After the massage, you can easily rinse off the gel with extending. Preparing for your Nuru experience bookings of 1.5h or more will terminate an undressing formal. During the ritual, your masseur will blindfold you. With your sight gone, your other senses will be heightened. You will feel your rubber’s caressing touch, both mild and teasing, as he slowly removes your vesture. The sense of intimacy will be created by the sound of soft music, the savor of candles or scented smear, and of course your masseur’s sensual presence.We comprehensively advise showering before a Nuru shampoo. The violent extend will relax your muscles and prime them for what comes next. The remaining water drops on your dermal will also succor to actuate the Nuru gel. Your masseur will ask if you want to use a shower before you arrive, Alternatively, you might choose to go ‘all in’ and treat yourself to the shared bathing experience (see the Wet and Wild option).Your showy Nuru massage percussion set about with the masseur coating your body in Nuru lotion. Feel free to get lost in the perception of his hands petting every part of you. He will also rub his own body with the gel (you may help him if you’re feeling nice). Alternatively, he might rub the lotion over his body first and then use his body to distribute the lotion over your body. The massage will take place on a rubberized sheet or a Nuru mattress, which will allow your bodies to glide with ease.Your masseur will use his whole body to hide as much of your skin area as possible, sliding over you in a gently massaging style. Most satisfyingly, he will be aiming for maximum physical contact in order to fully utilize the slippery properties of the Nuru lotion. The massage will trigger solid tactile sensations, which will procure relief from stress and fatigue. You will be excited, relaxed, then arousal may occur. The kneading will end with you reaching a point of clean relaxation and bliss.Traditional shampoo and gay Nuru massage traditional massage that uses pressure characteristic are more complicated with Nuru, as your skin will be extremely slippery. Some say that a deep tissue massage with Nuru is simply impossible.  An authentic Nuru massage claim for the masseur to have consummate special training. But fear not! We know a lot about Nuru, and your masseur will show you how to truly enjoy this exciting technique. He will use a special sequence of movements that this style of massage demands, giving you an actual Nuru experience with an exciting wreathes.The benefits of Nuru massage benefits of Nuru are numerous. First of all, they are psychological. The massage will atmosphere away from the day-to-day stress and it will leave you feeling recreate and rejuvenated. It’s an intensely erotic massage, with lots of full-body contact and intimacy. You will feel a certain closeness to your masseur throughout, and the interaction will complement the physical pleasure that you encounter. And the pleasure will be considerable! Your masseur will give you undivided attention for the continuance of the massage, using his training and exercise to lift you to the heights of ecstasy. When performed correctly, Nuru massage can also help your body eliminate toxins. This results in clearer skin and an overall sense of wellbeing. Then finally, there are the beneficial properties of the all-innate nuru massage. It’s rich in antioxidants and you will notice that after the massage your skin will feel silken and nourished.Is Nuru the right rubbing for you?If you’re adventurous and looking for a disturbing untried experience, Nuru Massage is for you. It’s also compatible if you are looking for an arousing experience with a violent degree of intimacy. Nuru rubbing will also appeal to those who wish to explore the beneficial properties of Nuru lotion, or are interested in trying out a seniority-old Japanese usage. If it’s your first time, make it count and book yourself a massage with one of our specialist masseurs. Please give us some notice, because nuru slide requires preparation. Thank you!When is Nuru massage not right for you? If you are looking for a deep interweave massage with some immoderate bodywork, Nuru might not be the best option. We would mention that you try our Body to Body or Tantric massage instead.

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